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I attended our institutes annual conference dinner at the end of June where the after dinner speaker was Debra Searle MBE.  Debras story of how she rowed the atlantic single handidly was really inspiring.

During her talk, Debra made reference to a message that she wrote on her boat, “choose your attitude”.  Her view was that even though there was lots going on around her that she couldn’t control (like the weather and even giving up), she could control her attitude to dealing with it all.

How true is this?  How often have we all thought about throwing the towel in when things get a bit tough in our business.  How often do we come into work in a morning feeling fed up and spending the rest of the day taking it out on our teams and our customers.

You can choose your attitude.  You can choose to be positive about things, you can choose to pick the phone up and contact that prospect list with a smile on your face and you can choose not to!

If Debra Searle can spend 3 1/2 months in a row boat by herself and get attacked by sharks, whales and even a giant turtle, and come out of the other side full of positivity about life, shouldn’t we all take some lessons from her.

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