Creative Extra: Cash Flow

Use online invoicing and automated debtor tracking to improve revenues.

Creative Extra: Cashflow Image

Cash flow

Cash Flow is the beating heart of your agency. That pipeline of income is what allows you to prosper and grow.

You need a systematic approach to invoicing and debtor tracking so you get paid quicker. And the sooner you get paid, the sooner you can plough that income back into the future success of the agency.

The solution – manage cash flow in the cloud

Xero’s online accounting software lets you manage your cash flow online.

Invoice clients online and speed up the whole process of getting paid. And use Xero’s dashboard and reporting to get a brilliant overview of your cash pipeline.

8 ways to improve your cash flow:

  • Think like a businessperson, not a creative
  • Structure your contracts and payment terms so they benefit you, not the client
  • Get paid what you’re worth, from the start of a project
  • Make it easier to get paid – use Xero’s online invoicing
  • Keep on top of your outstanding debtors – and chase them
  • Be persistent and chase up money you’re owed – and do it politely but firmly
  • Use Xero Add-ons to streamline your credit control
  • Automate your debtor tracking and free up time to be creative