Creative Extra: Customers

Having the right kind of clients can transform your profits.

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If you choose the right customers this can have a huge impact on your profits.

Agencies have a tendency to focus on one or two big clients, but that can be counter-productive. Lose that customer and the majority of your revenue is cut in one stroke.

The solution – broaden your client base

Don’t rely on one big customer paying all the bills – that’s a risky strategy.

You need to broaden your client base and work with a real cross-section of businesses. This reduces the risk of losing that major client and increases revenue.

8 ways to find the right customers

  • Avoid relying on one or two very large clients
  • Get a better view of your customer numbers
  • Understand what percentage of revenue each client brings in
  • Regularly review your clients to see if there are any issues
  • Find new customers and diversify your client portfolio
  • Look at leads and targets in new sectors and industries
  • Spread the inherent risk by expanding your client base
  • Ditch the customers that aren’t profitable