Creative Extra: People

You need the right people with the right skills; get them motivated and truly creative.

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People are what power your agency – so you need a truly great team.

With so many different roles to cover, you need to decide on the perfect headcount and the perfect balance of creativity versus business skills.

The solution – get the right people on board

Having an amazing team is what allows you to deliver such amazing creativity.

You need to choose the right people with the right skills for your agency. Get them motivated and you’ll become truly creative and see your profits soar.

8 ways to create the perfect agency team

  • Start small and build your team from the ground up
  • Find the optimum size for your agency’s team
  • Focus on efficiency and avoid duplicating roles and effort
  • Only create new roles if there’s a real business case for them
  • Have a real focus on engaging and motivating your people
  • Think about novel ways to motivate your creative people
  • Share key numbers and make people feel fully involved
  • Keep your team happy and see them become more creative