Creative Extra: Sales

A good sales strategy means more leads.

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Managing your sales well is the starting point for creating a profitable agency.

You need a good sales strategy that delivers more leads, deals effectively with client enquiries and creates a profitable sales pipeline.

The solution – focus on your sales strategy

Too many agencies think sales just ‘happen’ organically.

You need to have a drilled-down sales strategy in place. And you have to decide who in the team is responsible for the management, targeting and delivery of your sales.

8 ways to improve your sales strategy

  • Agree on your sales strategy
  • Write a detailed plan with timelines, targets and KPIs
  • Decide who’s leading your sales
  • Who’s the best sales lead – the Creative Director or the FD?
  • Follow up leads quickly
  • Make it easy to create quotes and win business
  • Hone your pitch – and win the sale!
  • Have a proper system in place, from leads through to sales