Creative Extra

seven steps for getting extra from your agency's accounts, and extra creativity from your team.

Creative Extra
Giving your
agency the edge

1. Numbers
Keeping on top of your numbers is vital. Streamline your financial management and get a better overview of your agency.

2. Cash flow
Cash flow is the lifeblood of your agency. Use online invoicing and automated debtor tracking to improve revenues.

3. Pricing
Getting your pricing right means more sales. Agree on the right fees and improve your cash flow and long-term profits.

4. Sales
A good sales strategy means more leads. Follow up more enquiries, nurture those leads and watch your sales grow.

5. Project Management
Delivering the project on time takes organisation. Manage your people, timescales and resources to give amazing customer service.

6. People
To deliver amazing projects you need an amazing team. You need the right people with the right skills. Get them motivated and truly creative.

7. Customers
Having the right kind of clients can transform your profits. Broaden your client base, reduce risk and increase those all-important revenues.