Extra Heroes

Giving your creative agency plenty of extra kapow!


Meet the Extra Heroes


The Number Cruncher

She’s the Extra Hero you want on board when drilling down into those key agency numbers.

  • Top skills – sharp accounting and powerful reporting
  • Special weapon – Xero online accounting

Captain Cashflow

He’s the Extra Hero that keeps you in control of your cash pipeline and zaps your late-paying customers.

  • Top skills – cash-flow reporting and debtor tracking
  • Special weapon – Automated debtor chasing

Price Ranger

She’s the Extra Hero who knows your margins and makes sure you get paid what you’re worth.

  • Top skills – margin analysis and a focus on profit
  • Special weapon – Value-add pricing

Super Sales

He’s the Extra Hero who keeps the leads flowing and the sales figures going ka-boom!

  • Top skills – lead generation and sales know-how
  • Special weapon – Cloud CRM systems

The Time-o-nator

She’s the Extra Hero with one eye on the clock and the other on putting some boom in your project management.

  • Top skills – Keeping projects profitable and timely
  • Special weapon – Project management software

Team Motivator

He’s the Extra Hero who gives your creative team some real va-va-voom – and a whole lot of can-do attitude.

  • Top skills – Team engagement and morale
  • Special weapon – Employee benefits

Client Seeker

She’s the Extra Hero who keeps your client base fresh and puts the pizazz in your customer relationships.

  • Top skills – Customer satisfaction and relationships
  • Special weapon – Client diversity

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