About Us.

We work with progressive entrepreneurs to help you understand, manage and improve the numbers that are important to you, your business and your personal wealth.
About us Accountancy Extra

We go the extra mile

When our MD, Stuart, set up Accountancy Extra, he did it with a clear vision to change the way accountants work alongside their small business clients. Traditionally, accountants have been focused on the compliance deadlines of filing accounts and tax returns to Companies House and HMRC. It’s made them become little more than scorekeepers for those
government agencies.

Stuart knew accountants were capable of doing so much more for their clients and that’s where the idea of Accountancy Extra came from. He knew clients wanted to understand what their numbers were telling them and they wanted help and support in creating their financial future, not just someone telling them about the past!

If you’re looking for a beancounter that will just tell you how you did last year and how much tax to pay, then we’re not for you. However, if you’re looking for a firm that can truly make a profound difference to the financial success of the companies it works with, then give us a call.

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