7 Ways to generate new business referrals for your creative agency

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In my last post, I promised to tell you of 5 ways you can generate referrals for your creative agency. Ok, I got carried away and I’ve written 7!!

1. Use Linked In – Linked In is such a powerful tool for generating referrals.
• Your profile should tell the world who your ideal client is
• Contribute to discussions in the groups where your prospects hang out, even if the discussion isn’t directly related to what you do. When someone posts “Who can recommend an agency to help us with XYZ”, you’ll be the first name everyone thinks of
• Use your existing connections to get referred to new ones. You can see who your existing connections are connected to, why not ask them to introduce you?

2. Use your email signature – How about including the words “Our agency continues to grow by working with great businesses like yourself. If you know anyone who would appreciate the same level of support you receive, please get them to call us” in your email signature

3. Say thank you to clients for placing their trust in you – and use similar wording to the idea above to ask for a referral. How about thanking them by throwing a party or event, or by inviting them out for dinner or paintballing!

4. Use Client surveys – You can check your clients are happy and ask for a referral at the same time

5. Introduce referral schemes – use them to reward referrers, but be creative!! Does the old £100 a referral really inspire people to refer?

6. Communicate your ideal client profile to everyone at every opportunity – and I mean everyone! – Your clients, your team, your friends and your agency partners. Does your accountant know who your ideal client is? Don’t have an ideal client profile? E mail me for the template we use to help clients create one

7. Ask – Yes the final point is as simple as that. But don’t ask in a “salesy” way, just ask properly and professionally after every completed project where the client says they are happy. How about linking the asking to who they know on LinkedIn? “I’m delighted that you’re happy and I see you know XYZ do you think they would benefit in the same way as you?” (feel free to choose better words!!)

So there you have it. 7 Ideas that you can put into place straight away to increase the amount of referrals you generate.

Of course, to make these ideas really powerful, you have to apply them consistently. So why not create a system so that each idea is regularly implemented, without you having to think about it

What other referral systems do you have in place?

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