8 Key steps to get 2013 off to a flying start

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I’m sure at some point over the Christmas break you spent some time considering how to make your business even better during 2013?

One thing we’ve noticed about the super successful businesses we work with (and this observation is backed up by many business books, gurus and the like) is that they all set a vision and goals to work towards during the year.

So, how can you emulate them to ensure that 2013 is your most successful in business yet?

Well, I’d suggest following the 8 key steps below:

  1.  Create a Vision – you want to work with and why customers should buy from you.  Talk to us about getting hold of a recording of our Seminar from last July, where we covered exactly this topic.
  2. Map out some goals for the year – These can be around anything you want to achieve, but I’d suggest that they are likely to fall into just a few common categories – how much money do you want to earn, how many hours do you want to work etc.  Use our goal setting tool (the 24 hour action plan) to help you formulate your goals.
  3. Work backwards – Use your personal goals to work out what your business needs to do in order that you can achieve those personal targets.  You know (roughly) what your costs will be for the year, so the balancing figure is your sales or turnover.
  4. Convert the sales figure – chunk down your sales figure into “widgets”, i.e. what it is you sell.  If you’re a consultant, that’s your hourly rate etc. If you’re in retail, it’s the average price of your products.  Doing this gives you the number of sales you need to make in the year (approximately)
  5. Create a sales & marketing plan – what activities will you undertake to achieve the number of sales you need.  What will you do, when will you do it by?
  6. Create a Scoreboard – To record your achievements against these targets.  This can be as simple as a whiteboard in the office.
  7. What’s the impact of “flexing” – what happens to your sales results if you change prices, if you get customers to return more often or if you can get them to buy more each time they visit?  Talk to us about a “Business Potential review” or our “Simple Stuff That Works” software where we can help you understand the impact of such changes.
  8. Become accountable – One of the main reasons for not succeeding in hitting goals is Failure To Implement (FTI).  Those of you who have been to one of our events know this is a favourite topic!  Find someone to be accountable to – or even better, why not send us your goals and we’ll hold you accountable for reaching them

If you’d like some help mapping out your goals for 2013, especially working out the numbers, drop us a line – we’ll be only too happy to help


Here’s to a super successful 2013

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