Beware Tax Refund Scam

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There are currently a number of e mails being sent out containing the following message:

“After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 188.50 GBP. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 2-3 days in order to process it.
Click Here to submit you tax refund request
Note : A refund can be delayed a variety of reasons, for example submitting invalid records or applying after deadline.
Best Regards
HM Revenue & Customs”

This is a scam and you should not click through the link under any circumstances.  HMRC would not inform you of a tax rebate via e mail, or invite you to complete an online rebate form to receive a rebate of tax.

More information can be found on the HMRC website

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