CASH! Cash Control Crucial, Diplomacy Essential

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As the recession bites, risks to cashflow increase with SME’s more likely to be on the receiving end.  Chasing overdue invoices is uncomfortable and many of us fear that rocking the boat will sour relationships.  The most vunerable are those who have been lax in chasing debt previously.  It is far too common for small businesses to allow 60 days to pass before chasing payment of invoices and this sends the wrong message to customers!  It is therefore essential to make it known that the rules have changed!  Communication is the key.  Final warnings and threatening letters rarely work.  It is far better to telephone to explain the handling of future credit control.

Do you need help?

With this in mind, we have developed our cash collection system.  This includes all the letters and telephone scripts that you’ll need to start collecting that cash.

Of course, if you need any help in implementing the system, please give us a call

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