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How many times have you heard the phrase “the devil is in the detail”? and how many times do you consider the impact of details on the performance and image that your business portrays to potential and existing customers?

When we are in our businesses 24/7, we often lose sight of the small details that actually have a major impact on the people we need to impress most – our customers or clients.

Have you ever been to a networking event where someone has passed you a “dog eared” business card or one of those poor quality cards that you get free?

Have you ever visited your solicitors office to see files and paperwork scattered randomly across their desk?

The president of an American Airline once said “coffee stains on our flip trays tell our customers that we don’t service our engines properly”. OK, it’s unlikely that if you are reading this you run an airline, but can you see the point?

The state of your business cards or desk gives an impression about the standard of service he can expect from you, however right or wrong that is.

Step Back

Take the opportunity to step back from your daily grind and look around at your workplace, your marketing materials, your website and the way you are dressed.  Decide whether each of those things are up to scratch and if they aren’t, then do something about it before you  lose any more business.  Make sure everyone in your team is aware of how important detail is and ensure they know and apply your new business standards

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