The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas

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Whilst the festive season is almost upon us, business owners are strating to look towards 2011, how they can reward their key people and save tax at the same time.

I’ve put below our “top 12 tips” for keeping your key team happy, whilst at the same time reducing your tax bill.

  1. Put on a free staff party (or parties) costing up to £150 a head (incl VAT).  More details here
  2. Provide free bicycles for travelling between home and work
  3. Offer a free company mobile phone
  4. Introduce a childcare voucher scheme
  5. Provide a free car parking space at or near the place of work
  6. Pay long service awards of £50 to anyone who has worked at the company for over 20 years
  7. Introduce free or subsidised meals in your staff restaraunt
  8. Offer free eye tests & glasses.  More details here
  9. Make company contributions to pension schemes
  10. Introduce free directors liability or professional indemnity insurance
  11. Offer a free healthscreening session
  12. Offer welfare & counselling services

With all of these ideas, you need to ensure that the paperwork supporting the implementation is done correctly.  If you’d like any more information on any of these ideas, or if you’d like help implementing them, please do give us a call.

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