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This Saturday I attended the Think Visibility conference in Leeds.  The conference covers subjects such as search engine optimisation, the use of social media and how to get great PR as well seminars on affiliate marketing and spamming!

The majority of the audience were from the digital industry and a couple of people asked me why I was attending, seeing as I run an accountancy practice.  Well, my attendance was down to three reasons:

  • I work with a lot of clients from the digital industry, from freelancers to agencies.  Attending these events helps me understand their industry that little bit more and helps me add value to their businesses.
  • Whilst the seminars did include some technical content, a lot of the content was delivered in plain english and my notepad is now full of great ideas that I can introduce into my own business.
  • I may be able to share some of the ideas with my non digital clients and help them find the expert help to implement them.

What about the day

I’m not going to go into lots of detail about what I learned as the experience will be differant for every attendee.  One particular point did stick in my mind though…..One of the speakers discussed ROI on social media, but called it Return On In action, i.e. the measuring of not doing anything…a term I really like.  We often measure the return we’ll get from investing in a project or new piece of software, but seldom do we consider the cost of doing nothing.   It’s funny that during these tough times many businesses have chosen to do exactly that…..nothing.  I often here “we know we should do XYZ, but it’s going to cost us and we don’t really want to spend that much”.  

How often do Digital Agencies talk to their clients about the cost of doing nothing, I wonder?

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