Our Methodology


Our difference lies in the application of our own methodology and approach.  Whilst most other accountancy firms concentrate on deadlines for Companies House and HMRC, our approach supports our clients to achieve both their business and personal financial goals.

Our 7 Step approach to help you



Our methodology Accountancy Extra


We’ll find out where you are now and where it is that you want to be

Future Focus

We’ll work together to map out a long-term business and personal financial plan.  We’ll then break that down in smaller, achievable annual budgets and targets for you to measure your progress against.

Systems Implementation

Good decisions are based on having the right information available.  We’ll implement solutions into your business which will make decision making better and your life easier.


We’ll do all the things needed to keep you compliant with Companies House and HMRC.


You’re busy.  Sometimes too busy.  Our support services will take that burden off your shoulders allowing you more time to spend on running the business.  Whether we are taking on the daily bookkeeping, chasing your customers or paying suppliers, we’ll make your life much easier.

Evaluation & Review

This is your first step to getting a Finance Director on board.  Through monthly measurement of your results against target and regular meetings with one of our Finance Directors, we will work together to help you achieve that financial plan.


At some point, you’ll want to plan your exit from the business.  We’ll help you plan that out (tax efficiently) and make sure everything is in order for a successful sale.